OpenOffice Writer x64 x86 Torrent

OpenOffice Writer x64 x86 Torrent

OpenOffice Writer

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OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer is a lightweight program that allows you to view and edit Microsoft Word documents.

Text editor that does not complicate the function () {(“desk desktop application”); a few days you just need to create a document quickly. Microsoft Word is a clear choice for that. Or you can choose a simpler application, A light option with only the necessary functions to perform the task quickly. OpenOffice Writer is a type of type. With this program, created by OpenOffice,It can be simple, there are documents. The text adds images or simple images. In addition, OpenOffice Writer is a useful tool for opening DOC files and other formats used by Microsoft Word. Now you do not have to choose online options like Google Docs to open it.

Easy and efficient WriterOpenOffice is easy to use: click on the workplace and type; There are also other basic editing options (colors, fonts, and fonts). There are no macros, formulas or other complexities. Honestly, rarelyI use most of these. OpenOfficeWriter also works as a good browser, with the successful opening of all kinds of customizable documents.

It’s going to change in seconds. Writer Poppy Writer is a good option if you need to edit a simple document. Do not expect Word, but a small program that will do the work.

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